A unique CD ROM consisting of 101+ checklists, designed to
agents and consumers focus on the home buying and selling process!

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This 15 minute audio CD is designed to be used as a prospecting tool by real estate agents who have purchased the Real Estate Checklists and Systems CD ROM. Though it has many potential applications, here are two for you to consider:

  1. As a giveaway at open houses to consumers who do not have an agent.
  2. As an offering in a "thank you" letter to your SOI/COI (sample letter below)


Betty and Tom,

Thanks for helping us reach and serve the home buying and selling needs of people in our area. Unlike many other investments, the residential real estate market continues to do well throughout most of the country.

Enclosed you will find a 15 minute audio CD entitled "How to Become a Smart Home Buyer Today". Please pass it on to any family members or friends that might be thinking of buying a home in the next few months. It's proven to be very valuable in helping people get organized. If you need more copies, simply let me know and I'll send them to you or directly to your friends and family members.

You will also find a copy of one of my more popular checklists used by people thinking of getting a home loan for refinance or purchase reasons.

If you have any real estate related questions or needs, please call, fax, write or e-mail me at your convenience. Enjoy the upcoming summer months!

We will be adding additional marketing suggestions soon!

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